by Future Kitsune

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Track off of my upcoming album, Mindful Cruiser. Hope you enjoy!


Some pull out umbrellas
But I write a tome

Rap lyrics
Distilled imagination
A great example is
The United nations giving rations
To the time travelling Thracians

At space station 9
Protecting the world
From a flying Australopithecine mind
For my time isn’t over
Defeat the Austro with the rover
Travel from Ibiza to Dover
With a 4-leaf clover

Trying to comprehend the bars
Writing and delivery are
The number one priority
So gnar, so far

When I’m done go under the structure
Not counterculture
But I don’t care
Flying through the air
On 6 foot wings I swear
Who dares disturb me,
Perturb me,
On the curb you go

Don’t you dare incite me
Don’t ignite me
I will make you know

Try to get up here
Try to play it by ear
Let it go on this microphone
Haven’t done it in a million years

Verses with curses
Doomed to rehearse his story of
Hearses transforming and burning
Engulfing the town in flames churning

You can see yourself
In rhymes slicker than oil
More reflective than a mirror
Bringing blood to a boil

Every shelf has a record
Like a tile floor
A smorgasbord
I have choices
While he or she rejoices

All kinds of music
While I do it
Take it to it
Got an idea floating in my brain
I glue it

I apologize
I'm sorry about the outburst
Sometimes I get over-motivated
But then again that's not always a bad thing

Floating through the motions
A flow of commotion
An ocean,
A smooth locomotion
A notion of something getting going

Starting up I’m independent
Not signed to
Stone’s Throw
Ninety9 Lives
Turn my mind to

Not the single point of success
But the best
Journey one can get
For themselves or another they met

Step into my mind’s eye
Don’t try
To spy on my
Unique perspective
So introspective
Never retrospective

Looking toward the future
How I grow, how I know
Go slow look for a chance
To demonstrate the ways I

Occupy nightmares
Bad dreams
Nice dreams
No support beams,
All on my own

Produce this, make the art
Release this, get the part
Every day I try this,
Erase the board, get a fresh start

Every night I think about
Success and then I fall asleep
And dream about
A single doubt
Floating in my mind without

A way to be resolved
Like a problem that won’t be solved
Like a single drop of molasses
Like a balloon filled with gases

What if I’m too positive?
What if I need negativity?
Am I really too happy?
Do I need more enemies?

A 50/50 balance would be great
But that’s non-existent
One will dominate
The other will be resistant

While I try to achieve equality
I sit there and ponder
If one reaches for his wallet and he
Realizes it was dropped yonder

What would he do
Would he attempt to equalize like I am
Only to discover he can do it unlike I can

What if I went on a trip today
Up into the Himalayas
Trying to find inner peace
And was grabbed by Asmodeus

I apologize
I'm sorry about the outburst
Sometimes I get over-motivated
But then again that's not always a bad thing

You may not have known
But I am the one who lost his wallet and is wandering
Pondering a myriad
Of questions while I am squandering

My time and maybe others’
While said others sit and wait
On the curb for the bus
On a rainy day

See these others are right next to me
Close but far away from me
Strangers to me
Barely acquainted with me
Maybe danger to me

While some look for a sufficient shelter
Others go straight home


releases November 16, 2017
Sample: Duke Ellington, John Coltrane: In a Sentimental Mood



all rights reserved


Future Kitsune Golden, Colorado

Alt/Underground hip-hop producer from Golden, Colorado. New album coming out maybe? Also, I'm releasing a beat tape each season this year (and maybe every year).

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